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  • IPS Cranial


    Implants are manufactured at a very high standard of quality using the latest in technology

    HyperDrive Mandibular Distraction


    Lowest profile mandibular telescoping distractor on the market

  • L1 MMF

    The KLS Martin L1 MMF allows you to work around the tooth roots without compromising strength.

    IPS Facial Trauma

    Individual Patient Solutions are precision engineered and manufactured using cutting edge technology. 

  • Return the patient to a natural state

    With SonicWeld Rx®,
    KLS Martin has developed a revolutionary method for cranial and maxillofacial osteosynthesis.

    Zurich Cranial Distractor

    Expanding possibilities in cranial vault solutions. The cranial distractor is specifically designed for controlled osteogenesis in cranial bone.

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  • Sternal Talon®

    The open heart operation has been a success. The final step is closing the sternum. Sternal closure is now made easy by a new, innovative technique. 

    Cranio Sculpt™

    Cranio Sculpt™ overcomes the limitations of past bone void fillers and provides the surgeon greater control of their ideal augmentation.

Not all products shown are available in each market. Availablity is subject to change without notice.

Our Top News

KLS Martin is proud to sponsor the craniofacial virtual tool, "CIVA Pro" for patient and surgeon education. Available via web and app, click here.